10 years later.

10 years ago i was a kid.

it was only my 2nd month of high school and i had no idea that my fear of the next 4 years would exponentially increase over the next several hours. i was in english. freshman year. our class had taken a trip to the library for a school tour. i was standing with a group from my class and i noticed that the television in the librarians office was turned on. bored as i was, i was watching. all of a sudden i saw it. that image that is seared into everyones mind. a plane. out of nowhere. flew straight into a building that i now know as the world trade center. i couldnt believe my 14 year old eyes. “an accident” i thought. a horrible horrible accident. it had to be, right? my world had never known war so closely before. if war at all. we stood there. eyes glued to the television. then again. out of the left side of the screen another plane came screaming into the side of the second tower. this was no accident. it couldnt be. that sort of thing doesnt happen once, much less happen twice…the world had just changed.