this is probably a little late…but i cut my hair off!
(hi janie! now you can see me:) )


i finally got to talk to emily!! yay.


she gets it.

i think i officially hate someone.


and i dont feel too terribly bad about it…

happy birthday, daddy.

i could really use some prayer. in the past week i have eaten only about the equivalent of 4 meals. i havent been sleeping well, if at all. and i feel like i am shutting down. i will tell more if you would like to know. but otherwise i will just leave it at that. thanks.

beten fur deutschland.

pray for me, please. i am having such a hard time being here. i have no motivation to do anything. i am not hungry. i am not tired. i dont want to go out and do anything. i just want to cry. i am completely and utterly homesick for this…

i am home in texas, and never before have i been more homesick…