base camp was amazing.

we fly out in about 6 hours.

i am out of here!!! i love you all!!!!

pray for us.


this entry will probably be the last for a while. i leave to go to dallas for training on wed morning. and then i will fly out on friday mid-day. i am so excited and thankful for this chance to go serve God in a place where my heart has been for years. thank you. everyone. anyone that has prayed for me, given financially, moral support. anything, thank you. i would not be where i am without you and without Gods hand completely over me and this trip.

i dont really know what else to say. i will be in germany for 10 days. pray for me, please.

i am starting to get really nervous, seeing as this is my first time flying and using city transportation and trains, i think it is ok. here are some prayer requests before i go:

-my team. unity is what we need. pray that our training and time together in prayer and worship would draw us together and draw us to the One who has called each of us specifically for this trip.
-safety. pray that we would be safe and in the middle of Gods will the entire time, for there is no safer place. the world cup is being played in the city that i will be in and as most of you know. it can get pretty crazy.
-the girls we will be ministering to. college age/high school ages girls from all over the world. Cologne is a very diverse city and many people in it are immigrants and have come from all over the world. pray that we can meet them exactly where they are.
-me. i am starting to get real nervous about the flying, train rides and everything once we get into germany. i have started feeling sick, and usually i am not like this. pray that i wont throw up or cry on the plane. and if i do, pray that someone is there to comfort me 🙂  (i know this one sounds dumb, but i really would appreciate it.)
-luggage. pray that our luggage would be easy to spot in the airport and that we are on time for all our flights and train departures. pray that our luggage arrives so we dont have to wear the clothes in our carry-on more than once.
-and last and most important. pray that above all things God would be glorified in us, through us and that his plan will be perfected by our mission. let this not be a one time deal, that i come home from and think “boy that was nice”. but pray that God would use this trip as a defining moment in my life and in the mission for the glory of his name.

thank you dear friends.
i’ll see you on the other side of the pond,

constantly he is making me trust him.

and it never gets any easier.