oh you know. day one.

miss mary says hi. she loves you and is praying for you!!!


so i really need to get out of this town…

i wish i was 7 again.
i wish i didnt have to have a job.
but most of all…

right now i wish i had a slip-n-slide.

tonight i am afarid, i am alone, and i am my own worst enemy…



do you ever wait on a phone call that never comes?

i am tired of seeing books entitled “10 Steps that will help you become the Perfect Christian”
or, “5 Steps to make you a better mother”
“7 Easy steps to sharing your faith”

are there really only ten steps to being a good christian? can 5 steps make you a better mother?

i decided i am going to write a book called “1 Step Christianity” and on every single page it is just going to say “JESUS”. thats it. no gimmic, no foolin around.

“Step” methods piss me off.

i feel like writing something profound, but i’ve got nothing.

-my best friend leaves for china in 2 days
-kate leaves for kenya in 11 or so
-i have been completely unproductive for about 3 days
-i leave for germany in 38 days
-lifeway stinks. i mean, really stinks
-thats about all the news i got.

whats new with you?

happy mothers day.

and if you arent a mother, happy “future” mothers day!

and if you arent a girl, tell the girls one of these two things!!