if you can’t lessen the pain, then please…just dont leave me alone.

dont leave me alone.


i heard someone say something once about a birdcage…


i think they were talking about me, ’cause i feel stuck in one.

one of these days i am just gonna get in the car and go.

one of these days i’m gonna get out of here…

never will i support anyone or anything that is excited about splitting up a family.


since no one will ask me directly what i think…
i will let John Piper explain myself, and i hope you are listening.


the great tragedy of the church today is its abundance of “yes men”. we are so affirming of others that no one has the boldness to tell anyone they are wasting their life on temporal things.


the decline of the influence of the church in America is not because the world has become more secular but because the church has. we have claimed to have treasure in Heaven but chased after the same treasure as the world. do we think that we have fooled them? this has damaging effects on our evangelism and paralyzing effects in our church. why question the things you are giving your life to when all of the other spiritual people you know are headed down the same wide path. most don’t question. when someone does make a radical commitment to join God in engaging the lost world, we say that they are called to “ministry”. in reality, the Bible only speaks of one calling-the calling to salvation. lordship ministry, evangelism, and missions are not electives for the Christian life. THEY COME WITH THE JOB DESCRIPTION. ministry is the business of every believer.


the idea of those who are “called” to ministry or missions is a category that we have made up, not to explain their behavior but to excuse ours. this idea attempts to justify the validity of a Christian who somehow doesn’t do any of the things that Christ did or commanded us to do.