since i got one response to the last post i suppose i will write a quick update to fill some of you folks in.(well, at least one folk) i moved to dallas about a month ago. it was completely on a whim. and didnt really know what to expect when i got here. i am going to school and working. and doing life with some amazing folks. wednesday nights i go to BSM at UTD. and invest in some folks there. on friday i am part of a small group called ‘mikros’ which in greek means small. so there i am practicing being a servant to all and learning what it means to live as counting my life less than those around me. that night, my group of friends have a bible study here at our apartment (i live with 4 other girls). we study the word, fellowship, and worship. a lot. and then saturday night we go church at the village (the church where matt chandler pastors). sundays are mostly our homework and relaxing days. but that night we have a girls home group(through the village) that meets at our apartment. it is amazing to see how the lord is working here in dallas. and how much it matters that we are receptive to what he is doing. pray for us. also, i am doing discipleship with a younger girl and it is amazing. pray for us. we need it. there is a lot of talk going on about what we are doing up here. if you hear anything, ask me…get your facts straight.