About Me

Born and raised deep in the heart of Texas, I am learning what it means to press in to the places that hurt in order to fight for joy. I love my last name and I find promises written in the stars. I have found that true family rarely shares your DNA. I have been given a family by DNA but also a “God-cafted” one. Join me here as I wrestle with the idea of hope and watch me tweet it out in real time at @luna1387.

A few other things you never knew you wanted to know about me:

I like my showers hot and my tea cold. I like brown, but tan makes me sick. I think dogs and children are meant to walk, not be carried. Sometimes I doubt how much good really is in people. I think the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger, and I’m not helping the situation. By the look of things, there is too much trash in the ocean as well. I hate when people ask if its a moral issue. I like the phrase “if you dont mind me asking.” Red kool-aid tastes the best. I could win the amazing race. Not everyone has social skills. Even though 90% of the population thinks they do. Sometimes photography is overrated. I hate that. I like my apples green, and my pumpkins in pie.


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