close your eyes
heavy they are
weighted by onslaughts
the splendor of sights
although wondrous
cannot lessen the load.
wait for a moment.

requiring no effort
no conscious choice
simply a gift
rivers of chilled air 
swirling up 
through nostrils freshly drained 
contents accompanied tears
on journey down 
cheeks flushed with fear 
wait for a moment.

do you feel that?
elastic stretching
within chest walls
accommodating life
diaphragm contracting
making room for sustaining wind
cells drink deeply
nutrients pumped within tissue
wait for a moment.

resurfacing rivers
from journeys deep within
each submerged
under weight 
of the world

rivers of warm air
swirling up
through nostrils freshly drained
contents accompanied
by hope

though faint
hope rises from depths
unseen by sunlight
far too long
wait for a moment

do you feel that?
elastic relaxing
within chest walls
releasing toxin and despair
making room for life
for hope.

close your eyes.
wait for a moment.


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