stick around.

“Maybe I go because I’m chasing something

Its not that I want to leave,
I just can’t find a reason to stay.
Something. Something out there
is waiting to be caught.
It dances
in front of the light
casting an enticing shadow
on the limestone walls. 

Maybe I go because something is chasing me

 The shadows that once danced
so beautifully on whitewashed surfaces
have turned.
Their beauty has disappeared
and they show their fangs.
Monsters lurking in the night,
carefully hidden beneath small twin beds,
waiting to pounce on little feet.
I have got to get out of here.
My only option.
Run. Hurry.
Before you get hurt.
And hurt is the only thing
waiting for you here. 

Maybe I leave because I’ve yet to find someone

 Your silence
and indifference
only echo
the own voice in my head – 


To look me in the face…

 Please, for the love of God,
lift up my face.
Look into my eyes.
I need to see you
see me.
Please, place your cold hands
on my hot-with-tears face
Don’t look away.
Don’t avoid looking in my eyes
in attempts to coddle your cowardice.
Or uncertainty.
Or fear of misplaced words.

Oh, my eyes, my empty,
tired eyes.
Look in them.
See how they scream.

And say

 Speak up. Damnit.
Won’t you SPEAK UP and tell me
I am wanted here.
Tell me there is enough room
for me.
Tell me that hurt is not
the only thing waiting here.
Use your words.
Not as weapons of guilt
and manipulation.
But use them to breathe
life and hope into
my suffocating heart.
Tell me there is love.
Tell me there is always

Say these things
quietly, so I will listen.
Say these things
slowly, so I can understand.

Stick Around

I want you
to stay.” 

I want you next to me

 “There is room for you.
I want you to stay.
And I will keep saying it,
and keep telling you,
and keep screaming it.
I will tell you bedtime stories
of new beginnings
and sunrises
and grace
and hope.
I will hold your hand
and tell you
that sometimes love can stay.
I want you to stay.
Sometimes love can stay.”

Stick Around

“I am not going to leave you.
You are not alone.
I have no secrets –
but hope whispered.
I have no agenda
but to love you.
So please.

I want you to stay.”

(This poem inspired by song lyrics from David Ramirez “Stick Around”. The prompt was given during 40 days of poetry in Story Sessions. There is always room for you there.)


4 thoughts on “stick around.

  1. I love the way you make me feel it all. I felt the yearning, the urgency, the longing for a place of safety. Thank you, girl. Thank you.

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