The Storm

The clouds roll in,
The raindrops fall,
The thunder rolls with light
And behind the clouds,
Amidst the rain
Is shielded power and might

The cold wind howls,
The walls they shake,
The lightning strikes and then,
As winds still blow
And rain still falls
This storm in life begins.

I feel your touch,
But your hand’s not seen,
Why can’t I trust your voice?
The storm rages on
The boat quickly sinks,
And I am left to make a choice.

Do I slowly sink?
Do I swim to shore?
Do I take your hand, trust your will?
Then you stop the rain
You calm the wind
You whisper “peace, be still”

The clouds roll away,
Raindrops slow their fall
The thunder rolls with light.
And after the clouds,
And because of the rain,
Is displayed your power and might.


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