tomorrow is now today.

tomorrow is now today.
and today quickly became yesterday.

i suppose thats what happens when you look at the clock for the first time in as long as you can remember. its currently 3:04 am CST. i also suppose the CST doesn’t make a bit of difference. but then again, maybe there are parts of the world that are still the proper yesterdays and tomorrows. so that fact makes tomorrow today and today a yesterday. who the hell knows what day it is anyways and does it even really matter?!

i can’t sleep. mostly because i can’t slow my mind down long enough to close my eyes. but also in part to the fact that i am plagued by near constant nightmares when i actually do get to the part about closing eyes. this post isn’t going to be profound or highly spiritual. just the ramblings of a very tired girl. quite tired in more ways than one. but the way things look right now, only one really matters. i really need sleep. i really want sleep.

i feel like i am walking around in a haze lately. clouded. fuzzy. walking in a fog. all the street signs look the same. i seem to pass the same mile marker multiple times but don’t realize it until about the 12th pass. its exhausting. and its frustrating. everything sounds the same. nothing sounds good. and all i want is a freakin nap. is that too much to ask for. and you know, maybe if i had a nap, all this wouldn’t seem so damn confusing.

well. i better try to sleep before today becomes tomorrow.


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