wow. so it has been since may the third that you have been without my wonderful writing skills. dont fear my friends, i am back.

so much has been happening since i last wrote. i have moved out of my apartment. damaris is no longer my roommate and sawyer is no longer my cat. and 16204 is no longer the door number i call home. dont get me wrong, there are moments i wish all those things were still constant in my life. and i miss damaris and sawyer immensely. i miss damaris more, of course. we lived together for 3 years. and for most of those three years we shared a room. a lot happens between two girls in that amount of time. i miss her.

i have moved in with a family. and not just any family…feels like MY family. maybe like its where i belong. where i fit. tonight we went to dinner and celebration station. walking in to dinner i turned to Brett (the dad) and said something about how i dont really fit with this crew. the kiddos – Dean(8), Robbie(6), and Addie(2) – all have blonde hair. Brett and Leigh(parentals) also have light hair. well, compared to me at least. so, in my eyes; in other peoples eyes…i dont fit.

but…i do. i fit here. i belong here. i am wanted here. i am treasured here. i am listened to here. i am safe here. i am enjoyed here…


(more updates soon, i promise.)

((p.s. i knocked the crap out of some softballs and raced a bunch of teenagers on the go carts. me and dean make a good team.))


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