70 things.

  1. people who wear white socks with black pants and black shoes have officially made their way onto my list of pet peeves.
  2. i cannot stand peas. of any sort.
  3. in 2006, i was in germany during the world cup. amazing.
  4. i have a thing for words. when i go to the movie theater i take a journal so that i can write down memorable things that are said.
  5. mowed grass is my favorite smell. if you are riding in the car with me and i see someone mowing grass just go ahead and roll down the window.
  6. usually, i am not very patriotic…don’t get me wrong, i appreciate America, i just don’t get all misty-eyed when the star spangled banner is played. but, there are certain moments when the patriotism does get into my eyes and make them water. its not often, but occasionally.
  7. i really do have a photographic memory.
  8. when i was little and people would ask me what i wanted to be when i grew up i would respond with “a dinosaur.” and then shortly after that phase it turned into “i want to be a star. like a twinkle, twinkle little star.” neither happened. obviously.
  9. i have a passport that isn’t full. i want to remedy that.
  10. at the battle of the Alamo, i had relatives on both sides. so, either way, i won.
  11. thunderstorms amaze me.
  12. i play trumpet and french horn fairly well. teaching myself guitar.
  13. thirteen is my lucky number. i was born on a friday the 13th. one year playing softball, i hit in the 13th run with 13 minutes left to play. every sports team i was ever on my number was 13. one year i cut my ankle open(see number 15) and had to get 13 stiches. and my birthday this year is on a friday…the 13th.
  14. my senior year of high school i was the quarterback and team captain for my powder puff football team.
  15. when i was 8, and taking swimming lessons, climbing out of the pool…using the metal ladder, my foot got stuck and i almost cut my achilles tendon. 13 stitches.
  16. when i was 12, i wrote a story about my grandpa being my hero…it was published in the newspaper.
  17. summertime always makes me think of slip-and-slides.
  18. i got kicked out of girl scouts and pre-school…i have had issues with authority for awhile. its not a new thing J
  19. i cannot sing worth a flip, but i am in no way tone deaf.
  20. something about water stirs my heart. lakes, rivers, ponds, there is just something about it that brings me joy.
  21. i have a james avery ring that i have worn for over 8 years.
  22. i wrecked a friends moped into the back of a Volvo and Ford F150. i flipped over the handlebars and proceeded to eat the parking lot. the vehicles definitely won.
  23. i still think the boogey-man lives in my closet and under my bed. so therefore, at night my closet must be closed and i cant put my feet down beside my bed…i must jump onto my bed from far away, or jump off my bed to far away.
  24. i sing the star spangled banner after i flush the toilet. although, if i am in public, i sing it in my head.
  25. i hate stupid worksheets in school. aka- busy-work.
  26. whenever i hear the name/word ‘selena’ i feel the need to break into sobs, real or fake, because that’s what every other mexican does when the name is spoken.
  27. i have the desire to be fluent in german and asl. (american sign language)
  28. somehow, if it is raining, you can almost bet money on the fact that my window is rolled down. dont ask me how this happens, it just does.
  29. i swallowed a quarter once. they had to go in and get it,…it didn’t just resurface
  30. i would like to write a book…
  31. in regards to that, i do write in a journal religiously.
  32. i once had a border collie/blue heeler mix…her name was rylie.
  33. i once went on a trip with my family to Wyoming. during the trip i saw mt. rushmore, old faithful, the badlands, and the majority of Yellowstone.
  34. my first flight was 9.5 hours, to Frankfurt, Germany. i threw up.
  35. i am afraid of wide open spaces,…deserts and oceans and space freak me out
  36. i bite my fingernails. i don’t want to, but i do…
  37. a friend seriously did talk me into moving 2.5 hours away from home. and no, it wasn’t for a boy…just for life.
  38. i am an honorary UMHB crusader for life.
  39. law and order.
  40. some people hate pretzels and say they taste like cardboard…I LOVE THEM!!!
  41. camping is amazing…we used to go camping every summer, like clockwork.
  42. when i grow up, i want to have an entire wall in my house with built in bookshelves and have the bookshelves be completely full.
  43. i am certified in CPR and first aid…i just might save your life
  44. chai tea, milk, and sugar…delightful
  45. i have gotten tattoos on four different occasions.
  46. my grandmother is on the city council, and my aunt works with the police department…can you imagine the headlines if i ever got caught?!
  47. i cant speak Spanish, but i have somehow learned a few Spanish tongue twisters
  48. apparently, i laugh a lot…that’s a good thing
  49. for the first time ever i feel half-way intelligent in my science class.
  50. when i was younger, while the other girls were playing dress-up, experimenting with their mom’s make-up, and playing with dolls, i was in the back yard attempting to shoot cans off the fence with my BB guns.
  51. green olives are grand, black olives are just alright.
  52. my toes are super little…my sister calls my feet “barney rubble” feet, and continually reminds me that they should be peddling in Bedrock or something.
  53. i must be doodling or drawing or writing something unrelated to the topic in order to pay attention to whatever is being said. if my hands aren’t busy, i cant hear you
  54. i have to really be craving chocolate to eat it…i am not a huge fan. is that a bad thing, considering i am a girl?
  55. for some reason, lasagna grosses me out. maybe it’s the lumpy cheese in it…probably just a texture thing, cause i do like spaghetti.
  56. when i move to germany, and i will, i may have withdrawals from dr. pepper.
  57. every time i pick up a writing utensil, my handwriting is different.
  58. sometimes i sleep in a sleeping bag on my floor, or even sometimes with the sleeping bag on my bed…it makes me feel like i am traveling.
  59. i have never been to the east or the west coast…only up the middle.
  60. one day i should make friends who live in new york, d.c., san francisco, chicago, st. louis, seattle,…basically all the large cities in the US, so that i can visit them and have a place to stay for free J
  61. when growing up, we lived in the country and people would frequently drop their dogs off right outside the city limits, so for a long time, we never had to actually buy a dog…they would just wander up.
  62. if i could be a photographer for national geographic, i would.
  63. the past few nights have been full of very vivid dreams…
  64. sarcasm is my love language…really, i think sarcasm is a character flaw, wit on the other hand is mighty fine!
  65. half of the things i claim to know, i really don’t. i am just good at making it sound like i do. i make it up as i go. confidence is key.
  66. my hair is naturally curly. i straighten it every day. its a pain!!!
  67. on feb. 11, 2004, i got the best birthday present ever.
  68. i cant drink milk without feeling sick to my stomach…
  69. i dream big…sometimes its annoying, and sometimes it gets me into trouble, but i’ve just got to believe there is more than this…i’ve got to have hope.
  70. “two steps forward…one step back…hey, that’s a step forward!!”

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