dream fufilled.

i want to make a difference. i want my 50 or so years to mean something. somehow, i hope that my story will be a light to those who sit in darkness, a small glimer of hope to those who have long since written off the idea of the dawn. i hope those who feel that grace cannot reach them can be encouraged by my story – that there is always enough grace. grace to enjoy the day, or grace to be sustained through it. but there is always enough. always sufficient.

i desire that making much of Him will be my dream fufilled.

i hope for so much, but sometimes i am just blinded by the darkness that i refuse to move and i just sit on my hands. help me, Jesus.

in the end i hope to be bruised and battered so that my kids dont have to fight these battles. i want to be able to look back and praise our Great God and King for all He has done and all He will continue to do.


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