“and we wont relent.”

so, this year i have decided to follow the Liturgical Calendar as closely as i can. i dont know that i will be following day by day readings and what-not, but i will be observing all of the different “seasons”, focusing on and meditating on what each one is designed to reveal about Christ. i would love to give you a bit of an overview of these seasons, but it may be more clearly understood if i just let you in on what JR Vassar has to say…:

Advent is the expectancy of the Coming Savior into time and history and into our lives. During Epiphany we see His glory revealed in his words and works. We are forced to face the striking revelation of God in Him. That revelation leads us to an acknowledgment of our sin during the season of Lent. During Lent we give focused attention to repentance and realignment with Jesus and His Kingdom. As Lent comes to a close we are reminded of the relief from sin that is found in the Cross of Jesus and the new life we have in Him by virtue of his resurrection. Easter is not simply a Sunday where we are dressed in our finest, but a season where we celebrate the Victory of Christ and His power at work in our lives and in the world bringing life where there was death. Pentecost commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit that empowers us for witness in the world. We focus on this mission to the world all year round, but during Ordinary Time we give it special emphasis.

my hope in this- focusing on specific themes revolving around the life of Christ- is that through time of reflection, self-examination, dedicated time to prayer and fasting, the Lord would be gracious and reveal more of Himself  to me. during the season of Lent, i will also be walking through the step studies at my church and pleading with the Lord to reveal my sin, cleanse me from all unrighteousness, and heal and restore things that are broken in me.

i am pleading with Him. for me…and for you.

pleading that He would show us our hearts, reveal our sin, heal what is broken, restore the places we have been ravaged by guilt and shame, and that He would become our treasure – our prize. i am pleading…begging.

and i wont relent.


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