welcome 2010. i have mixed feelings about you already.

in december of 2009, the Lord led me to a passage in 2 samuel. i dont know how much you know about or have read in the old testament, but in 2 samuel david is annointed king of israel. this pleases some, and displeases others. well, long story short, in 2 samuel 22 david sings. its called davids song of deliverance because the Lord has just delivered david from all his enemies and from the hand of saul(who wanted and tried to kill david). and so david sings and praises God for all that He has done. “you are my lamp, O Lord, and my God lightens my darkness” he cries(v. 29).“this God-His way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him.”(v. 31) he talks about the faithfulness of God to answer when we cry to Him. he affirms that the Lord is our rock, our deliverer. He is our shield, the horn of our salvation. He is a stronghold, a refuge. Savior.

verse 37 is where the Lord opened my eyes. check it out.
“You gave me a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip.”(v. 37)

this made me think about indiana jones. paha. hear me out. i’ll explain a bit. the Lord asks us to take steps of obedience. i am sure you have had someone tell you to “step out in faith” or “walk in obedience” or even “the Lord is a lamp unto your feet and a light to your path.” now granted, all those things are true and right, but i also think it goes farther than that. we are called to step. but its not indiana jones style where we have to step on just the right piece of 3 square inch ground or we fall into the great abyss. its not that we have to try to balance when we step or be afraid that we may fall. its more like He gives us a whole square mile to step on and He is just asking us to step. pleading with us even. He is urging us “I am giving you a wide place to step. your feet will not slip. I’ve got you. trust me.” He lights the path, because He is more radiant than the sun. and He gives us a place to step. He is not out to get us. He is not setting us up for failure. He is for us. ALL of HIM is for ALL of ME.

ALL of HIM is for ALL of ME.

david goes on to say in 2 samuel 23-
“for He has made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things and secure.”

oh!! what hope this gives me. He has made a covenant with me. and not just any kind of covenant. an everlasting one!! and He has ordered it in ALL things. and it is SECURE. gah, if i could only grasp the depth of that…

so, in light of this passage, the Lord has impressed heavily on my heart that 2010 is going to be a year of steps in obedience. in december i had NO idea that the first 6 days would look like this. without too much detail, i will give you a glimpse into my 2010 so far.

-spiritual disciplines; fasting, dedicated time to prayer
-started counseling
-retreat with the home girls…spiritual warfare out the wazoo. forced complete openness and honesty with them
-contacted a woman in the church for wisdom
-hard conversations
-starting step studies on the 16th

deliberately walking in obedience is way more exhausting than i ever imagined.
is it worth it? –yes, by all means, yes!
does that truth make it hurt any less? -nope

thanks to twitter, i came across this saying. and this is what i will leave you with-
“optimism says “it’s not so bad!”  hope admits “yes, it’s bad. really bad. but I still believe & trust in God!”

“there may yet be hope!” (lamentations 3:29)


One thought on “steps.

  1. i like! but trust me – walking in obedience is far LESS exhausting than walking in sin. trust me on this one. although your immediate “fleshly” response to walking on obedience may be one of hurt, the Lord intends to lead you down the path of the MOST joy, MOST peace, MOST delight, MOST freedom…believe it!


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