in thinking about what stirs my affections for the Lord and what gives me joy i have come to several conclusions. one of which is writing. writing out of the overflow of my heart seems to bring joy and affection. writing out, or talking, about what the Lord has done, what He is doing, or what He has promised to do brings me immense amounts of hope and joy. the reason i have been reluctant in the past to write often is sort of two-fold. one, i have felt like it was wasting time that could be spent on something more “holy” or worthy of time. but really, who says that creating, writing, drawing, painting, making music isn’t holy? secondly, i have been lazy. i haven’t set aside time for many things that i need to begin setting aside time for. so here we go. i am just going to write. who knows, the long awaited book may actually come out of this. hah. hopefully i will write more frequently than in 2009. so lets do this, 2010.


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