no fear in death.

i have been thinking about death lately…weird, i know. about a month ago my roommate and i watched this movie where the main character(anne hathaway) is really dead and the whole movie was about her coming to terms with being dead. odd concept, i know, but when she finally realizes that she was on the plane that crashed and she is actually dead she begins screaming and is overcome with grief and fear and every other breakdown worthy emotion.

immediately i turned to my roommate and said something along the lines of “i am so glad i dont have to fear that moment.” and now, granted, i realize that i wont just be walking around dead and not knowing it and then read my name on a flight manifest of a plane that crashed and left no survivors. but there will come a moment when i will die, a moment where life here will end. and i am beyond grateful that i have no reason to fear that moment.

in 2 corinthians 5 it talks about our earthly tent compared to our heavenly dwelling. ah, what a comfort to know that our heavenly dwelling, our new resurrection body, will not be weak and fragile like our tent is now. and that same verse goes on to say “so that what is mortal may be swallowed up in life.” wait, what? did it just use the word ‘life’ for death? thats it! thats what it just said!! “so that what is mortal may [be swallowed up in life] die” wow. what an amazing truth. this, this moment, right now…is not life. not real, true, everylasting, righteous life. that comes when this moment is swallowed up by life[death].

in light of this truth, death is swallowed up in victory. death truly has lost its sting. death has lost its victory. (1 corinthians 15:55) one of the pastors of my church, josh patterson, said it like this- “death- the judgement seat of Christ is the privelege of every believer. it is our first opportunity to look square in the face of the Lamb and plead the blood of Christ and praise His name.” i love it. even in that moment there is no fear. and even in that moment its not about us. it is our chance to proclaim that He is sufficient. that it is He who justifies. He who saves. He who has covered our sin. “death, the last great enemy, has become the servant of every believer, ushering them into the presence of the Almighty.” wow.

so therefore. there is no fear in death.
for it is the moment when Christ is sufficient.
where our faith becomes sight.
oh, what a day!!

“death is swallowed up in victory. oh death, where is your victory? oh death, where is your sting? the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Thank you, King Jesus, for promising a kingdom where righteousness will reign and joy will be the air we breathe. May that kingdom come quickly- but until it does, may you find us faithful.”
-randy alcorn

p.s. someone HAS to read 1 corinthians 15 at my funeral. the whole chapter.
(not planning on dying soon, just want to let you know. )


One thought on “no fear in death.

  1. DAAAAAANG!!!! Get it, Lunar Module! THAT is the stuff! Praise be to the Lord who impressed such amazing things on your mind and heart to minister to the body. That is so sweet to me! Love to you!

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