common grace. future hope.

i could say a whole lot about the moments that are happening around me right now. an abundance of words filled my mind as i thought about what to say. but none of them seem to fit perfectly. nothing seems to work. life is happening. music is playing. the roommate and i have been cleaning and the patio door is open, along with the windows and its just good. i am about to go to the store and get some groceries, and then come home and cook and maybe watch a movie. tomorrow i am going to see my family. i’m excited. i love them. i really do. also, right now, in this moment, my heart is alright. there seems to be joy when the wind starts to get cooler and things begin to change. and i am thankful.

common grace. the grace that everyone in the world experiences. the grace to laugh so hard you pee your pants. the grace to enjoy a really good steak. the grace to hold your first child. the grace to fall in love. the grace to enjoy your favorite band at a concert. the grace to sit on your patio and feel the first breezes of fall. the grace to dance in the rain. all of it- common grace. thank you, jesus for common grace today.

but more than that, thank you for the grace that you have poured out on my life that gives me right-standing before God. thank you for pouring your wrath on Jesus, for making him who knew no sin to be sin for me so that i might become your righteousness in him. thank you for your grace that sets me free.

future hope. the hope that i have in the person and work of Jesus Christ. i have future hope in the fact that Jesus has redeemed my life. he has called me and justified me and is sanctifying me. and that in the last days i dont have to fear. the judgement seat of God is the privilege of every believer. it is the moment when we get to stand before the throne and plead the blood of Christ and praise his name for what he has done. it is a moment where we can fully rest in the work of the cross and a moment where we get to more fully praise his name for the work on the cross.

so thank you, Jesus, for common grace and future hope.
i am grateful today for these things.


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