The pain is overwhelming. I begin to ask why.

Now I am starting to wonder, do angels ever cry?

Do their hearts get broken when they’re turned away?

Do they have to turn and leave, when really they want to stay?

Were they sad that Christmas morning when God came down to earth?

Did they have to hold back tears as they proclaimed the Savior’s birth?

Were they happy when He began to walk, or sad when He scraped His knee?

Were they proud as He was teaching ‘cause the world He would set free?

Did they cry as people mocked Him? Did they weep at the sight of his tears?

Did they want to rush and save Him? Was this the worst of their fears?

Were they lonely while He was away? He was away defeating death.

Did they ever start to think he had breathed His own last breath?

Now that He’s in heaven, and I’m left here all alone,

Does He send His angels to save me, and claim me as His own?

While I sit here crying can they hear my plea?

Now I don’t wonder if angels cry, but do they cry for me?


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