its been raining a lot here. and rightfully so, it seems. i like the rain and i like sitting on the patio listening to the rain and stealing my neighbors internet. its sort of thrilling. and yes, that is pathetic that i get my kicks out of stealing internet from the family next door. how sad. but regardless of the facts, i do enjoy this time. this time, here, in the rain, is pleasant. there is also a small creek behind my house. well, be hind the house i live in. its not mine, the house, dont get me wrong. and really its not even a creek. it is a runoff that turns into a raging stream when it rains a lot. like i previously mentioned it has been doing for the past few days. i just got my brakes replaced on my car today, and it was a kicker. good thing i have a daddy that was willing to help me out a bit with the payment. i would have had to sell my soul to drive off in my newly braked car. but all in all, the car is fixed and you’ll be happy to know that i still have my soul.

enjoy the rain. buy a house. fix your car. and dont sell your soul.

sounds like a complete week so far.


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