for the sake of my friend…

in talking with a friend tonight, i have learned again what all this ‘christianity’ is all about. its amazing the things -the simple things- that make us realize what its about, who its about and the fact that its not, never has been and never will be…about us. bonny -who lives in Germany, and who i just love talking with- was asking me about my job, i try to explain to him that i work at a christian bookstore…he is floored. “thats your JOB?” he asks. and you know, i understand that someone has got to sell bibles and books and stupid veggie tale movies, but is that all i have let it become…my job? our conversation continues and this is the first time anything remotely ‘spiritual’ has come up so i am totally letting him direct the conversation…i cant explain the conversation so i will just post it here for you to read.

Bonny says: did you go often to church ?
Alison says: sometimes. do you?
Bonny says:i am roman catholik
Alison says:do you go to church?
Bonny says:
in germany we have to pay taxes fer church
Alison says:yes i know.
Bonny says:i am out of church, i never pay taxes. but i believe in God
Alison says:church isnt all about money
Bonny says:i believe in God

Bonny says:and Jesus
Alison says:who was Jesus?
Bonny says:Jesus, the son of god
Alison says:yes.
Bonny says:he prayed love
Bonny says:freedom
Bonny says:peace
Alison says:freedom for who?
Bonny says:
alot of stuff, what people today never knew
Bonny says:fer all
Bonny says:Jesus died fer us
Alison says:rose from the dead.
Alison says:
why did he have to die?
Bonny says:
because Judas was a traiter
Bonny says:no
Alison says:because we are traitors
Bonny says:the other religions and priests in that time, fer them , JESUS was dangerous
Bonny says:he prayed differnt to them
Bonny says:
that was the reason
Bonny says:Judas Echariot was just human and take the 30 buck to traiter Jesus
Alison says:sometimes, most times people mess things up. so does the church
Alison says:the church doesnt have everything figured out right. the church isnt perfect.

Bonny says:crazy
Alison says:i know. its confusing sometimes…
Bonny says:you ask me if i go often to church…nope. because…
Alison says:thats ok
Bonny says:to pray to god

Bonny says:i don`t need a “”” temple “”
Alison says:you are right.
Bonny says:i can talk to him everywhere

Bonny says:in summer nights i talk something or think to him
Bonny says:when i lay outside in the gras and stare in heaven , watching the stars and maybe the moon
Bonny says:that`s just amazing

have we lost this wonder? are we so wrapped up in doing church…that we stop being it? how long has it been since you have laid in the cool grass, and stared into the heavens and marveled at the creation of your father? please please please…be the church. there are people like Bonny all over the world who are perishing because their ears have shut out the lies that the ‘church’ is spewing out and we are sitting here holding onto the words of life like they were meant for us to keep…how foolish are we while we sit sipping our tea and reading this weeks self help book. do you not realize that people really do go to hell. many of which could have and would have been saved had we done something. and yet…we do nothing…


for the sake of my friend, please…i beg you, dont just do church,…be it.


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