so…i made a movie. its nothing too spectacular. but it is what it is. check it out and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “

  1. awesome!!!!!  i loved it, it came out so good!!!  so many different things reminded me of london and england in general. i miss my country too. much love to yas, less than a month til i’m down there. miss ya, love ya

  2. my internet connection is slow, so i haven’t gotten past the first picture of your adorable little toes yet. but if the rest is as good as that, it could be the best movie ever!p.s. i don’t think of you as a little kid. it’s like we get closer in age every year, partly because i can’t stop thinking of myself as 20 ;). seriously though, i think that you dealt with a lot more real life issues in high school (and earlier) than i ever did, and those experiences give you more maturity.

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