oh you know. day one.

miss mary says hi. she loves you and is praying for you!!!


One thought on “

  1. hey love!!! wow so long time no talk. please tell me something new is happening in your life. mine is ultra boring. work. work. church. work. work. nothing on the weekends. sometimes work. yup that’s me. and and struggling with trying to be pure while i don’t know.  suffice it to say i’m trying to be pure and striving for holiness yet my ex is back in my life (not in a prospective relationship getting back together way)  and while i would like us to be friends, every time we are together purity is not exactly on either of our minds. umm i’ve tried to stop seeing him but every time he comes back and starts talking to me again. and i’m weak. and lonely.   and i miss him. so yeah i dunno.  i mean i know, but i don’t know. i feel at this moment hopeless. like i want to give up. this same thing happened last summer and i really don’t want to go through all this again. and the only reason it is happening is because it is summer and all his friends are gone and my friends are gone and so we naturally gravitate towards each other. oh and did i mention that although he did break up with his girlfriend, he has pictures of them up all over  his apartment. yeah. i know. i’m an idiot. ok sorry for dumping all this on you. but he is on my xanga so i can’t dump it on there. i’d love to though. is that bad. oh one cool thing i just got back from a mission trip to england. i wrote about it some on my xanga. check it out. ok love you miss you we have REALLY got to hang out sometime. i have all kinds of free time after 3 this summer. my number is 254 836-4443. call me or send me your number cuz dang it i want to hang out. ok later  have fun in germany!!!!! 

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