germany is in!! germany is in!! germany is in!!

my heart is burdened. my soul is weak and tired.
i keep telling myself, “move forward alison. it doesnt matter whats in the past.”

move forward. please, please move forward. better days lie ahead. you are not alone, Christ promised never to leave or forsake us. you are not abandoned, for He will never abandon us. and best of all, you dont have to fight your battles. they arent even yours in the first place. just be still and know that God is on your side, and if He is for us, who can be against us. i truly believe that the one person that is agains us the most, is ourself. but i have good news…if HE is for us, we cant even win this battle against ourself. we cant beat us when God is on our side, when God is for us. it is impossible. so remember, please, God is FOR you. dont you see…He does love you. He is fond of you. He even likes you; but it goes farther than that…He is FOR you. He fights for you. and He fights for me. even when i am faithless…He remains faithful. He has promised to be faithful. He promised, and He cannot deny himself…

so, friend…move forward.
because God is for you, better days lie ahead.


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  1. You’re going to Germany!!! You’re going to Germany!!!! 🙂
    Julia Walker mentioned today that her Sunday School class has kinda adopted you and is praying and supporting you. She referred to you as “sweet little Alison.” 🙂

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